National Charity League Enjoys Recent Nursery Event

The following comments were offered by National Charity League members who volunteered to help out at our December 2013 nursery event:

“Can’t think of a better way to spend a Winter morning…never knew planting the sage into pots could feel so “productive” even in the rain. While mother nature didn’t necessarily cooperate during our shift, she obviously knows what the earth needs. Looking forward to going back to try another project at Shadetree – a most worthwhile cause. Such a well-hosted and organized event for our group! And, I finally learned where UCI Anteaters originates from, to top it off! ”

–Carla & Audree

“Izzi and I really enjoyed the opportunity to get dirty and help the our planet with our whole NCL Class of 2019! One of the best parts of working at Shadetree was that we could all work together as a group and not be separated to different areas. It was so much fun! The hot cocoa and muffins were perfect on the cold morning we worked. We’ll be back again!

— Wendy & Izzi