Shadetree Partnership “Greens” Up Water Recycling Plant

Shadetree Partnership has donated hundreds of trees and shrubs that have been planted along a wall separating the Irvine Ranch Water District’s Michelson Water Recycling Plant and the San Joaquin Marsh.

“This is a true partnership with IRWD,” said Tom Bonkowski, General Manager for Shadetree Partnership.

A plant palette was established during construction of the floodwall behind the plant. Once the 2,000-foot wall was completed, the trees and shrubs were planted on a mulched berm along the North Loop trail in the Marsh.

The landscape adds ambience to the Marsh and will serve to screen the plant. Once mature, the trees will form an inviting canopy over the trail.

Shadetree Partnership was created in 1990 to provide public awareness and understanding about urban forestry and is committee to community involvement. Hundreds of trees are donated each year to be planted on public lands. Many of the trees and plantings are cultivated in Shadetree’s nursery at UC Irvine.