March 16th Nursery Event Overview

Today’s event was a huge success with 120 volunteers! Groups included Irvine Valley College’s Sociology class, PHI Youth Group, National Charity League, Lions Heart, Youth in Action, Girl Scout Troop 4520, various Youth in Action Groups, IKPA, Irvine Green Team, Chi Delta-Theta , CSULB, Long Beach, Boy Scout Troop 1518, Tustin, Tau Sigma, and Woodbridge High School, Crean Lutheran High School and SAO Sorority, During the event, our volunteers performed various tasks including creating 22 flats of stock from seeds; upsized 144 shrubs into five gallon containers;  upsized 352 shrubs into one gallon containers; moved stock; weeding containers.  We are so grateful to our hardworking volunteers!