April 5th Nursery Event Overview and Testimonial from Red Cross Club

Below are comments from Patrick Hang, Treasurer of the  Red Cross Club at UCI.  This organization is  community service-based whose mission is to seek to help out not only the surrounding community but those in need as well.  The Red Cross Club attended our event and provided the following comments:

Shadetree is one our organization’s favorite events, with members eager to get their hands dirty and really feel the earth beneath their feet. I personally have attended six or so Shadetree events and believe that it is one of the most rewarding events out there. We are able to look at insects and plants like we did when we were younger. It allows us a nice break from the hustle and bustle of schoolwork and college life by feeling the sun and sweat on our brow. Its nice to think that the trees will go on to line the freeways and parks in this state and provide shade for families. Thanks again for having us!

April 5th Nursery event overview:

Perfect day at the nursery with 59 hard working volunteers. “Tree hugger” groups included the Red Cross Club (featured in photo), the National Charity League, Irvine Valley College, Ecology Club, Sierra Vista MS. Rancho HS, University High School, Biola, along with other interested individuals.