A typical experience at Shadetree – article by volunteer Emma Reed

Are you interested in gardening or furthering your knowledge and experience with trees? If so, Shadetree Partnership is the place to go. It is a wonderful way to help the community and environment while increasing your ability to plant and grow trees. While volunteering one Saturday in January, I was able to offer my services to help the nursery. Two other volunteers and I worked together to transport potted trees to a designated area organized by the type of tree. While volunteering at Shadetree, I learned many things about the environment and myself. For example, I was given a pamphlet with instructions on how to maintain a healthy tree. There were diagrams and examples shown of what to do and what not to do when raising a tree. I also learned that I enjoy gardening very much. After working there, I realized just how therapeutic it was. I found myself stress-free and focused on the trees the entire time. Overall, Shadetree Partnership is wonderful place to volunteer to discover more about the environment and yourself.