November Nursery Event Overview

Today’s event included 84 enthusiastic volunteers from UCI’s Tau Beta Pi adopt-a-row group, Mater Dei High School, Serrano Junior Optimists, UCI’s Triangle Fraternity, Boy Scout Troop 623, Irvine Valley College, University High School, and National Charity League. ¬†Our photo includes volunteers from National Charity League and Irvine Valley College.

Tasks performed included upsizing 198 trees into 15 gallon containers; upsized 831 cuttings into one gallon containers; planted 1,472 seeds into growing pods; pruned and staked trees, weeded containers and moved 568 one gallon plants from the greenhouse into the nursery’s shaded area, pruned and staked stock, and moved 443 one gallon plants from its protective covering into the nursery.

Thanks to all of our volunteers to make the morning’s event a success.